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Each individual has an intrinsic desire to create a better future for themselves and their future generations. This desire, now more then ever, includes improving the health of the planet. Orion Green believes in making a difference. Working together with its trade partners Orion chooses to support causes aimed towards the betterment of the environment, the people and animals living on the planet.


Our contribution towards creating a healthier planet comes through the daily choices we make by consuming less, creating awareness, preserving natural resources and assisting others to create a positive impact on our environment. Orion Green supports organizations involved in this effort for a better and ecologically healthier planet.

Simple Steps
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  1. As a partner of the Orion Green program $1.00 will be added to each of your invoices
    as your donation to this program.
  2. Orion will match this donation by $1.00 as each invoice gets paid.
  3. The total donation of $2.00 per invoice will be contributed to Earth Island Institute

Program Features and Benefits
  1. Become a Partner: of Orion Green by logging on to www.ironartbyorion.com
  2. Tax Deduction: Earth Island Institute will provide an acknowledgement letter and receipt by Feb 15 each year, for all donations over $10 made to Orion Green in the preceding calendar year.
  3. Free Annual Subscription to Earth Island Journal, published quarterly since 1987, for Orion Green partners with donations over $10 annually. The journal has won significant acclaim for its groundbreaking and award-winning coverage. Earth Island Journal was awarded the 2007 Utne Independent Press Award for environmental reporting.
  4. Receive a Gift: Orion Green partners donating over $25 annually will receive an Earth Island
    "You are here" tote bag as a token of appreciation'.
  5. Orion Green program will send the donation to Earth Island Institute once a year in the month of January. The donation contribution will be verified by an independent certified public accountant.
  6. All communication and feedback on the Orion Green program should be sent to orionmarketing@ironartbyorion.com
  7. The Orion Green program is created and managed by Orion Ornamental Iron, Inc. and management reserves the rights to change, modify and discontinue with settlement of appropriate contributions at any time.
  8. Orion Green program contents are Copyright 2018. Orion Green Trademark is owned by Orion Ornamental Iron, Inc. The Earth Island Institute name and logo are used in agreement with Earth Island Institute and are owned by Earth Island Institute.
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