Iron Facia - WCMA 2017
Silver Traversing Tracks
New Rod with Return Vertical Back Plate
New Bohemia Crystal Designs
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Orion Ornamental Iron, Inc, founded in 1983, is a decorative drapery hardware design and manufacturing company located in North Hollywood, California.

The company offers innovative, high quality drapery hardware products to the wholesale trade. The company specializes in custom drapery hardware, iron drapery hardware, wood drapery hardware and contemporary drapery hardware among many other window drapery hardware products. The company is one of the leading suppliers of iron drapery sets, wood drapery sets and also individual window hardware components like iron finials, iron rods, wood finials and wood poles. The new Design Art collection has crystal finials, resin finials, wood poles with inlay and matching decorative hardware accessories in 58 Décor finishes and our Dual Finish System with 11 Accent finishes.

Orion continues to innovate with new iron finials, wood finials, crystal finials, glass finials, drapery rods, custom curtain rods, iron rods, wood poles, traversing rods, and other drapery hardware. With exceptional customer service, quick shipping and competitive pricing, Orion continues to lead the decorative drapery hardware industry.

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